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Leftover Love


Group Show


29/04/2023 - 18/06/2023


Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville

Carolyn Cardinet, Barbara Dover, Marion Gaemer and Lynnette Griffiths, Carolyn Menzies, Helen Philipp, Sue Ryan

This series of works are made from stainless steel sourers sourced from under the kitchen sink. Working with this material, its link to water rose to the surface. Unfurled steel scourers, their fishscale-like surfaces shimmering in the dark of the gallery suggest foliage from an underwater forest.

Stainless steel offers a glimmer of hope - an investment in the future. If all water is connected then there is value in holding my own sink to account. Value in resisting the siren song that it is all too late, that we are washed up.

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